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30 ideas, 3 of them good

30 ideas, 3 of them good
by The Artful Conspirators
November 1-4, 2008
Hudson Guild Theatre │Part of Prospect Theater Company’s Dark Night Series


Your vote matters.

The Artful Conspirators will perform 30 theatrical ideas for the audience from those that they have developed in during a rehearsal process.  Over the course of the evening, the audience and the artists will campaign and vote for and the best idea of the thirty or for one of their own.  One theatrical idea from the process will be selected by The Artful Conspirators to be developed into a full length piece.

As voted by you, dear audience, the 3 good ideas are:

Idea # 8: Leaving IKEA

Idea # 2: A Sad Clown and a Quiet Monk Attend a Rave

Idea # 11:  I Will Take You to Nebraska and Other Potent Parental Threats: A Cautionary Tale for Children

See photos from 30 ideas, 3 of them good.

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The 30 ideas

“Idea # 11: I Will Take You to Nebraska and Other Potent Parental Threats: A Cautionary Tale for Children” in performance.

#1: I Don’t Know Impressive People, Do You?

#2: The Sad Clown and the Quiet Monk Attend a Rave

#3: Restoration of Love

#4: Listen See See Listen

#5: Werewolf Killers in an Uncertain Economy

#6: MSG, KFC and the Perpetual Headache: A Modern Medea


#8: Leaving IKEA

#9: The Reluctant Ballerina

#10: Master John

#11: I Will Take You toNebraskaand Other Potent Parental Threats: A Cautionary Tale for Children

#12: Blackhole Spaceship

#13: Magenta McPherson and the Vespa Gang

#14: The Power of Fear

#15: The Smell Tasters

#16: They

#17: Low Budget Wedding

#18: The Golden Nudes of the Mad Russian Sculpture: A Tale ofLong Island

#19: Best Laid Plans or I Have 6 months to Live (A Slide Show)

#20: Flying vs. X-Ray Vision

#21: Never Marry a Cannibal

#22: Happy Hour at the Rabbit Hole

#23: Ticket Taker

#24: Life Ends with Brian Dennehy

#25: Veggie Bier

#26: Coexist wedding

#27: Salt

#28: The double LL: It Affects Us aLL

#29: Inside the Greek Chorus

#30: Mazel Tov?

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