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Over the course of seven years, The Artful Conspirators produced more than 20 readings, workshops and productions of new plays, involving the audience in the theatre-making process.

We began rehearsing our first play (A Lesson in Art) in December 2006 and retired the company in December 2013. The final installment of the Open Rehearsal Series was the farewell voyage of the Conspirators. However, the community of artists and audience members continue! Be sure to follow the goings-ons of our artists and fellow artistic communities through their websites and social media, including David A. Miller, Dano MaddenHook & Eye Theater, Strange Sun Theater and others. 

Select Production History

open-rehearsal-2012-w250Open Rehearsal Series 2013
Installment #1: Sisters of the Eternal Knot by David A. Miller, June 2013
Installment #2: Good Shepherd by Breanna Foister, Sept. 2013
Installment #3: Bad Husband by Dano Madden, Nov. 2013
For more about the Open Rehearsal Series. 

In the Early Dark by Seth Berner
Part of the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival,
Directed by David A. Miller and co-produced by the Conspirators featuring Conspirator Nurit Monacelli, Aug. 2013

Open Rehearsal Series 2012
Installment #1: Oakwoods by Dano Madden, Sept. 2012
Installment #2: Scottish Play by Monica Flory, Oct. 2012
Installment #3: Mystic in the Savage State by David A. Miller, Nov. 2012

Leaving IKEA: a play in two cantos
By Monica Flory & Dano Madden
Directed by David A. Miller
June 2012 at the Brooklyn Lyceum
A coming out gone wrong, an angry gnome, and two hundred pounds of Swedish meatballs: welcome to IKEA, friends.  Two couples venture through their local Swedish superstore and  become trapped in a blue and yellow purgatory, unable to escape until they solve the problems in their ailing relationships.  Will they find the arrows that lead them out of this relationship inferno that is IKEA?
Leaving IKEA is published on

Brooklyn Underground: Theatrical Stories from the Green-Wood Cemetery
An original play by David A. Miller and The Artful Conspirators from interviews, research and imagination.
Directed by David A. Miller
Workshop production at the Old Stone House, August 2010
Production at the historic chapel of Green-Wood Cemetery, Sept. to  Oct. 2011
For more about Brooklyn Underground.

The Open Rehearsal Series 2011
Installment #1: Foothills Park by Dano Madden
Installment #2: Peter and Alice by Monica Flory
Installment #3: Journeyman of Breuckelen by David A. Miller

The New Plays Project with the Hadar Foundation
Simple Studios, New York, NY, Aug. 2011
In collaboration with the Richard and Mica Hadar Foundation, professionals from the Conspirators collaborated with young theatre artist scholars from the foundation to develop a new play, The Big Picture by scholar Andrew Greer, in a week-long workshop.

30ideasDarkNightB009NEBRASKA-web30 ideas, 3 of them good
Dixon Place and Prospect Theater Company’s Dark Night Series, Nov. 2009
The Artful Conspirators pitched 30 theatrical ideas to the audience from those that they developed during a rehearsal/development process.  Over the course of the evening, the the artists campaigned for their ideas and the audience then voted on the best idea of the thirty (as well as the worst).  The winner, LEAVING IKEA, was developed by The Artful Conspirators into a full length play.

Whitman’s Brooklyn
A play about the poet by Dano Madden
The Old Stone House, Park Slope, Brooklyn, Aug. 2009
Inspired by the life & works of the poet & former Brooklyn resident Walt Whitman.

The Second Pipe of Desire 
Staged reading of a new play by David A. Miller
The Old Stone House, Brooklyn, Aug. 2009
Civil war has devastated the Blades of Grass and the former allies, Sergeant Sylph and Major Undine, have become enemies.  This play incorporates the language of Walt Whitman and is inspired by his experiences of the American Civil War.
Sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC).

Survival by Dano Madden
Sam French OOBR Festival, July 2009
Finalist in the annual national competition. Featuring Lauren Singerman and Evan Mueller.  A new one-act play co-produced by the Conspirators.

a lesson in art 1The Oral Tradition: A Sacred Rebirthing and Reclaiming of The Hero’s Journey led by Tantalus McQueen
The Oral Tradition conceived by David A. Miller and Holly Adams, developed with The Artful Conspirators and written by David A. Miller
Directed by David A. Miller
It was performed with A Lesson in Art as part of Prospect Theater Company’s Dark Night Series at the West End Theatre, NYC, 2008

A Lesson in Art  
Written & directed by David A. Miller
Headmaster Hugh Bris teaches his students the essentials of art: “Be Original!  Be Like Me!”
A workshop production of A Lesson in Art was first performed at Dixon Place’s Puppet Blok, Jan. 2007

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